July the Lost Child


July the Lost Child is an exploration based point and click game think Gone Home in the world of David Lynch's Lost Highway.  You are July, a teenager wandering her outback home trying to find her missing father.  Whilst her estranged mother returns home for the first time in many years.

July plays as a point and click adventure game, with the open ended goal of finding your father.  Throughout your exploration you will find numerous other clues that will lead to a deeper mystery, that goes far beyond a missing family member. 

The game takes place over the course of a night, the night your estranged mother returns home after numerous years missing.  During the timeline of the game many set pieces take place, and depending how you approach those moments will play a course in what you discover.

  • Made for replayability, great for short play sessions.

  • Simple point and click controls, and concept.

  • Uses voxels, a new emerging and exciting artform.

  • Deep secrets that go far beyond the initial objective.

Made in Unity available on PC and coming soon to Android.


sgct is made up of musician and sound designer Alexander Michajlow.  sgct is his attempt to bring his stories and music to a larger audience the best way he knows how.  Always open for new opportunities and chances to work with others.  Contact below and we can chat.

Presskit available on dropbox


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