MAZE is a cyberpunk horror mobile game set in real time. Weave your path through a city quarantined in subterranean metro stations. Whilst you follow orders from a near omnipotent AI known as LION trying to take back control of a fallen world.

- Set in real-time, learn train timetables, npc job schedules and use that knowledge to your advantage .

- View scenes in both portrait and landscape mode to see alternate perspectives.

- Explore a subterranean cyberpunk world fighting to regain control after a world ending event.

- A decision heavy game, build strong relationships with multiple characters and grow your reputation within the MAZE.

Made for Mobile devices with a demo available in late 2019

The year is 2029

The world has been overrun by a ferocious plague.

In a desperate act major cities quarantined their citizens in subterranean metro stations.

In order to create stability and order an AI known as LION was granted authority to assign citizens with jobs, accommodation and purpose.

Those who don't abide are marked fugitives and vagrants.

The most sought after yet publicly despised job is that of a VESSEL.

They act as the psychical manifestation of LION, as such are granted freedom to roam the MAZE.

Maybe soon we'll see, who you truly could have been.